Introduction to Branzino Common Name(s): Branzino (also known as European Bass) Scientific Name: Dicentrarchus labrax Names in Key Languages: Italian: Branzino French: Loup de mer (Sea Wolf) Spanish: Lubina German: Wolfsbarsch Branzino, or European Bass, is a prized fish in Mediterranean cuisine, celebrated for its delicate flavor and firm, white flesh. This species is predominantly […]

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Sea Bass Handbook

Sea Bass

Species Name: English: Sea Bass Scientific Name: Serranidae (Family) Spanish: Lubina French: Bar Italian: Spigola Japanese: スズキ (Suzuki) Chinese (Mandarin): 鲈鱼 (Lú yú) Description: Sea Bass, a highly prized fish renowned for its delicate flavor and adaptable nature in the kitchen. Recognizable by its sleek physique, shimmering scales, and distinct markings, Sea Bass inhabits temperate

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Species Name: English: Grouper Scientific Name: Epinephelinae (Family) Spanish: Mero French: Mérou Italian: Cernia Japanese: グルーパー (Gurūpā) Chinese (Mandarin): 石斑鱼 (Shí bān yú) Description: Grouper is a popular fish known for its delicious taste and versatility in cooking. It’s a big fish found in warm waters around the world. You can spot it by its

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A painting of crabs and fishing nets in the ocean.

When Are Blue Crabs in Season: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction To Blue Crab Seasonality Blue crabs are a species of decapod crustaceans belonging to the family Portunidae. They get their name from the vibrant blue coloration that characterizes their carapace (shell). Characteristics of Blue Crabs And Seasonal Impact These omnivorous creatures have five pairs of legs with modified front appendages called chelipeds, which they

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do oysters move

Do Oysters Move?

The Mystery of Moving Oysters Have you ever wondered, “Do oysters move?” At first glance, these marine creatures seem permanently attached to their cozy spots, never venturing far from where they’ve settled. Yet, the truth about oysters and movement is more fascinating than you might think. In this post, we’ll dive into the intriguing world

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