striped bass

Striped Bass

Introduction to Striped Bass Common Names: Striped Bass, Striper, Rockfish Scientific Name: Morone saxatilis Names in Key Languages: Spanish: Lubina Rayada French: Bar Rayé Italian: Spigola Rigata German: Gestreifter Barsch Chinese (Mandarin): 条纹鲈鱼 (Tiáowén lúyú) Japanese: ストライプドバス (Sutoraipudobasu) Striped Bass, celebrated for its striking black stripes against a shimmering silver backdrop, enjoys popularity both as

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Introduction to Mahimahi Common Names: Mahimahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish Scientific Name: Coryphaena hippurus Names in Key Languages: Spanish: Dorado French: Dorade coryphène Italian: Lampuga German: Goldmakrele Japanese: シイラ (Shiira) Portuguese: Dourado Mahimahi is a dazzling fish known for its vivid colors and impressive speed, making it a prized catch in sport fishing and a beloved feature

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blue crab

Blue Crab

Introduction to Blue Crab Common Names: Blue Crab Scientific Name: Callinectes sapidus Names in Key Languages: Spanish: Cangrejo Azul French: Crabe Bleu Italian: Granchio Blu German: Blaukrabbe Chinese (Mandarin): 蓝蟹 (Lán xiè) Japanese: ブルークラブ (Burūkurabu) The Blue Crab is renowned for its rich, sweet meat, making it a beloved ingredient in coastal culinary traditions, especially

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Introduction to Pompano Common Names: Pompano Scientific Name: Trachinotus carolinus Names in Key Languages: Spanish: Pámpano French: Carangue Italian: Lecce amia Portuguese: Peixe-pampo Japanese: ポンパノ (Ponpano) Pompano, prized for its exquisite taste and rich, buttery texture, thrives in the warm coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from Massachusetts all the way to Brazil. It’s

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Introduction to Salmon Common Names: Salmon Scientific Name: Genus Salmo and Oncorhynchus Names in Key Languages: Japanese: サーモン (Sāmon) Spanish: Salmón French: Saumon Italian: Salmone German: Lachs Russian: лосось (Losos’) Salmon, renowned for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits, is a favorite across the globe. Thriving in the cold waters of the Atlantic and Pacific

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Introduction to Yellowtail Common Names: Yellowtail, Amberjack Scientific Name: Seriola lalandi Names in Key Languages: Japanese: ハマチ (Hamachi) or ブリ (Buri) for adult Yellowtail Spanish: Jurel Italian: Ricciola French: Seriole Korean: 방어 (Bang-eo) Yellowtail is a renowned fish celebrated for its rich, buttery taste and firm, succulent texture, making it a prized choice in culinary

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Introduction to Shrimp Common Names: Shrimp, Prawns (in some regions) Scientific Name: Suborder Dendrobranchiata (and others) Names in Key Languages: Japanese: エビ (Ebi) Spanish: Camarón French: Crevette Italian: Gambero German: Garnele Shrimp are among the most popular seafood choices worldwide, known for their delicate taste and versatility in cooking. These small, decapod crustaceans can be

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sea urchin

Sea Urchin

Introduction to Sea Urchins Common Names: Sea Urchins Scientific Name: Class Echinoidea Names in Key Languages: Japanese: ウニ (Uni) Italian: Riccio di mare French: Oursin Spanish: Erizo de mar German: Seeigel Sea Urchins, known scientifically as members of the Class Echinoidea, are fascinating marine invertebrates inhabiting oceans worldwide. Recognizable by their distinctive spiny exteriors, they

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Introduction to Crawfish Common Names: Crawfish, Crayfish, Crawdads, Freshwater Lobsters Scientific Name: Family Astacidae Names in Key Languages: French: Écrevisse Spanish: Cangrejo de río German: Flusskrebs Italian: Gambero d’acqua dolce Swedish: Kräftor Crawfish are small, freshwater crustaceans resembling lobsters, found in a variety of water bodies across the globe. Celebrated for their unique flavor, crawfish

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