Proudly Serving East New Market, MD

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T.L. Morris Seafood, esteemed in Maryland’s seafood industry, is proud to offer its exquisite service to East New Market, MD. Embedded in the traditions of the Eastern Shore, our family-owned business is renowned for bringing the finest seafood to East New Market and its surrounding communities.

Embracing East New Market’s Rich Heritage:

East New Market, with a history dating back to the late 17th and early 18th centuries, has been a social and commercial hub in Dorchester County, Maryland. Known for its involvement in significant historical events like the American Revolutionary War and its role as a center of commercial crossroads, East New Market presents a unique backdrop for our seafood offerings​​​​​​.

Showcasing Maryland’s Best Crabs in East New Market, MD:

Our Maryland crabs, available both steamed and live, are prepared with special care to ensure freshness and quality, complementing the historic charm of East New Market. The town’s rich history, including its early settlement and development along the Nanticoke Indian path and its architectural heritage with structures like “Friendship Hall” and the “Old Brick Hotel,” echoes the authenticity and quality that T.L. Morris Seafood stands for​​​​.

A Diverse Selection for East New Market’s Seafood Aficionados:

In addition to our celebrated Maryland crabs, we cater to the diverse tastes of East New Market’s residents with a variety of seafood options. Our selection includes soft crabs, gulf shrimp, shrimp salad, crab meat and more, resonating with the town’s historical significance, including its ties to Civil War-era figures like Maryland Governor Thomas Holliday Hicks and its early establishment in the 18th century​​.

Extending Our Reach Beyond East New Market, MD:

Recognizing the growing demand for our seafood, T.L. Morris Seafood is now working with FedEx to soon offer overnight shipping services across the United States. This service will allow former residents of East New Market and those who cherish the town’s unique historical and cultural heritage to enjoy our seafood from afar.

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback from our customers, many of whom come from East New Market. These testimonials often highlight not just the quality of our seafood but also the friendly and efficient service that aligns with East New Market’s close-knit and historic community spirit.

Convenient Location for East New Market Customers:

T.L. Morris Seafood is conveniently located for customers from East New Market, MD, at 1606B Marina Dr., Trappe, MD. We can be reached at 410-476-4811 or via email at [email protected] We invite our East New Market customers to enjoy our fresh crabs and other seafood offerings, especially as the seafood season peaks.

In conclusion, T.L. Morris Seafood stands as a shining example of a local business dedicated to serving its community, particularly in East New Market, MD. Renowned for providing the finest seafood, especially Maryland crabs, we are committed to customer satisfaction, making us a favorite among East New Market residents.

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