Proudly Serving Secretary, MD

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T.L. Morris Seafood, a name esteemed in Maryland’s seafood industry, proudly extends its exceptional offerings to Secretary, MD. As a family-owned business ingrained in the Eastern Shore’s traditions, we delight in serving the Secretary community and its surrounding areas with premium seafood.

Honoring Secretary’s Unique Heritage:

Secretary, a small yet charming town in Dorchester County, Maryland, boasts a rich history. Interestingly, the town was named by Lord Baltimore after his secretary, reflecting a unique aspect of its origin. As a community steeped in Maryland’s history, Secretary forms an ideal backdrop for our seafood offerings, resonating with the town’s quaint and historical character.

Premier Seafood for Secretary’s Residents:

Our Maryland crabs, offered both steamed and live, are a culinary highlight in Secretary. We ensure each crab meets our rigorous standards of quality and freshness, aligning with Secretary’s character and its residents’ appreciation for fine, locally-sourced food.

Catering to the Diverse Tastes of Secretary, MD:

Beyond our celebrated Maryland crabs, we offer a wide array of seafood to satisfy the varied tastes of Secretary’s residents. Our selection includes soft crabs, gulf shrimp, shrimp salad, crab meat and more, perfect for Secretary’s community gatherings, family events, and intimate dinners.

Extending Our Reach Beyond Secretary:

Recognizing the growing love for our seafood, T.L. Morris Seafood is now working with FedEx to soon offer overnight shipping services across the United States. This allows former Secretary residents and those who have a special place in their heart for the town to savor our seafood, no matter where they are.

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business. The positive feedback from our Secretary customers highlights the exceptional quality of our seafood and our dedication to friendly, efficient service.

Conveniently Located for Secretary, MD Residents:

T.L. Morris Seafood is conveniently situated for the residents of Secretary, MD. Our location at 1606B Marina Dr., Trappe, MD, is easily accessible, and we welcome calls at 410-476-4811 or emails at [email protected] We invite our Secretary patrons to enjoy our fresh crabs and other seafood offerings, especially as the season is in full swing.

In conclusion, T.L. Morris Seafood stands as a beacon of quality and tradition in Secretary, MD. We pride ourselves on offering the finest seafood, particularly our Maryland crabs, and are dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction with every interaction, embodying the spirit and character of Secretary, MD.

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